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A new comprehensive watershed plan development has aligned local water water planning efforts to create a unified plan that results in a more effective and efficient resource management.  

One Watershed, One Plan (1W1P) is a program through the Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) that supports partnerships of local governments in developing prioritized, targeted, and measurable implementation plans. Key principles are planning at the major watershed level and aligning local plans with state strategies. Plan created through the 1W1P program are called comprehensive watershed management plans because they address water quality and quantity, groundwater, drinking water, habitat, recreation, and locally identified issues. 

The underlying principle of watershed management is that people, land, and water are connected. People use land in a variety of ways and affect ecosystems and ultimately their own communities for better or worse. Managing and protecting the environment while providing a high quality of life for people is a complex process that is most successful when governing bodies, community members and experts in various fields are true partners in the planning process. Fact Sheet

A Joint Power Board was formed at the beginning of January 2023 between Roseau County, Roseau River Watershed District and the Roseau County Soil and Water Conservation District for the purpose of plan implementation. The new Roseau River Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan is effective for 10 years.

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