A Memorandum of Agreement between the Watershed District, County and SWCD was approved in May 2021 for plan development. The Policy Committee makes final decisions about plan content.

The role of the Advisory Committee is to make recommendations on plan content to the Policy Committee. The Advisory Committee members are local agency staff, citizens of the watershed, tribal representative, Canadian Watershed District staff, and state agency representatives. Advisory Committee was approved 5/12/22.

Steering Team

The role of the Steering Team purpose is to organize and coordinate the plan development process. They make the day-to-day decisions (not policy) to make plan progression smooth.  They are also Advisory Committee members. The Steering Team is made up of local agency staff, BWSR representatives and the consultant.

Policy Committee

Roseau River WD:  Laverne Voll, Jason Braaten, or Carter Diesen, or Tony Wensloff, or Cody Schmalz

Roseau County: Roger Falk, Daryl Wicklund

Roseau SWCD: John Gaukerud, Ulrik Aaskov

Chair - Roger Falk

Vice-Chair - John Gaukerud

Secretary - Laverne Voll

Advisory Committee

Advisory members have been approved by the  Policy Committee. 

Tracy Halstensgard, RRWD

Torin McCormack, RRWD

Janine Lovold, Roseau SWCD

Scott Johnson, Roseau SWCD

Matt Fischer, BWSR

Henry Van Offelen, BWSR

Moriya Rufer, HEI

Jerry Bents, HEI