Plan Development Summary

What's happened so far...

  • Early Spring 2021: Thirteen local governments are invited to participate in watershed plan development and serve on a Policy or Advisory Committee.

  • May 2021: The RRWD, Roseau SWCD, and Roseau County enter into a Memorandum of Agreement for the purpose of watershed plan development. Officials from these three government units will ultimately be a part of the Policy Committee that begins in the fall. 

  • June 2021: An application for plan development funding is submitted by the Roseau SWCD to the MN Board of Water and Soil Resources.

  • August 2021: Grant funding is awarded to the Roseau SWCD.

  • September 2021: Local and adjacent local governments  as well as stakeholders are officially notified that the new watershed management plan has been initiated. They are invited to submit comments regarding resource concerns and issues that should be addressed in the plan.

  • October 2021: The Policy Committee meets for the very first time.

  • December 16: The Public Kick-Off Meeting takes place at the Roseau City Center. Comments from the public are recorded. The Citizens Advisory Committee also meets.


​December 2021 Summary

  • March 2022: The Advisory Committee meets for the very first time

March 2022 Summary 

March 3, 2022 AC Report

  • May 2022: The Advisory Committee reviews and makes recommendations on Resource and Issue prioritization. The Policy Committee reviews and approves the Vision Statement and the prioritization of Resources and Issues.

May 5, 2022 AC Report


May 12, 2022 PC Summary

  • July 2022: The Advisory Committee reviews and provides comments on Plan Section 3: Priority Issues and also provides comments and recommendations for Plan Section 4 development of Measurable Goals and Priority Resources.

July 7, 2022 AC Report


  • August 2022: The Policy Committee reviewed and approved Plan Section 3: Priority Issues. The Committee was introduced to Measurable Goals in Plan Section 4. 

August 11, 2022 PC Summary