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Forest Stewardship Plan Writing Cost-Share

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The Roseau Soil and Water Conservation District offers a Forest Stewardship or Management Plan writing cost-share assistance through the Roseau River Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan.

The primary goal of this cost-share program is to encourage woodland owners to actively manage their forested lands for water quality and terrestrial habitat benefits.

Eligible applicants must have land within the boundary of the Roseau River Watershed area and must meet eligibility requirements for plan writing. This program is delivered on a first come, first serve basis. 

Cost-share will cover up to 640 acres with payment not to exceed 90% of the total plan writing cost or $5454. Minimum acres are 20. This payment is based on the formula ($300 base + $9/ac) X 90%) or 90% of the total eligible cost, whichever is less.


Other requirements are that 50% the enrollment area must be wooded, have no structures (cabin, etc), cannot be grazed by livestock, or hayed. A DNR approved forest management plan writer or DNR forester must prepare the plan. 

To request an application or to have any questions answered about the program, call the Roseau SWCD at 218-463-1903. The instructions and application may be viewed and downloaded, see buttons on the right.

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